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So I was chain fishing for chinchou, and I found not one, not two, BUT THREE SHINY REMORAIDS. What's strange is that I had only been fishining for 10-20 chains, so am I just extremely lucky, or are shinies just not that rare?

u r so lucky because it is dam rare

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Shines are pretty rare, as you have a 1/4096 (0.02%) chance of finding a Shiny at any given time. Chaining also increases the chance, but at 10-20 chains the increase would be marginal at best. So, in conclusion, you are one lucky stiff. Be sure to give them badass nicknames.

SCRATCH THAT! MAKE THAT FOUR REMORAIDS! I named them all "I give up" or "why?!"
Imo they should all be named after handguns. Smith, Wesson, Magnum, and Colt.
He is so right, change the name... or else...
lol k, why not