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Ground type on the type coverage checker lies about its coverage and everyone has an answer for EQ!

"Best" is a very loose term. What do you define as best?
Splash. Obviously.

Other then splash, blastburn?
While I appreciate your humour, things like this are better as comments. You made me giggle XD
Are you saying what are the best 4 for coverage assuming the nonexistance of Ground moves?
I assume so since they mentioned the coverage checker and the fact that the tag is coverage

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The best 4 moves for most supereffective coverage I've found is:
-Flying Press
-Freeze Dry
-Any Rock attack
-Any Fire attack

This combo hits at least 550 Pokemon supereffectively (type coverage says 529 because it does not count Pokemon hit supereffectively by the Flying part from Flying Press and Water types hit supereffectively by Freeze Dry), but since it is Smeargle using them they'll do terrible damage anyway.

How did you find it?
Flying Press and Freeze Dry were obviously required for their unique coverage, and then after that I just used guess and check in the coverage checker to find the best 2 types for the other 2 moves.
Just because a type is unique doesn't mean that it's good.
It isn't. Even though the move is supereffective this combo is only useable by Smeargle.
What I'm trying to say is that unique coverage is not required for good coverage.
Freeze Dry is superior to any other Ice type move because its upside comes without a downside. Flying Press isn't as good, but still fits into most of the max-coverage sets I think of.
But why do you need an ice attack? To do anything like this, I would recommend using a computer to analyze the type chart.
There are quite a large amount of Grass, Ground, and Flying types which are weak to Ice type moves, and also a large amount of Watee types which are also qeak to Freeze Dry. I'll analyze it with a computer and see what I find.
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If for coverage, then AWildNoobAppeared nailed it. If for sheer damage, then that would be...

-Bolt Strike
-Dragon Ascent
-Draco Meteor

The scary thing is Rayquaza can have the three latter moves...

Hope this helps!

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Not the point of the question though.