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I chose bulbasuar, raised a gyrados, I have a golem and hitmonlee, and a flareon, and I chose the dome fossil
Venesuar, Gyrados, and Golem are musts, they others are to let you know my options. What three Pokemon should I add? I don't need specifics, i.e. fast electric type would do for part of the answer rather then electibuzz.

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Psychic types are quite overpowered in Gen 1 with only a bug weakness, so those are always good choices.
yeah, get an Abra
A fire type would be great for a grass/fire/water core. Some in Blue include Ninetales, Rapidash, Flareon, Magmar (my personal favorite), and Moltres
Someone actually chose Bulbasaur :O finally
Persian is a straight savage; I know from experience.  Crits for days.

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You could try a jolteon as it has high speed and special.

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Try adding more to your answer....this is probably insufficient for his needs
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Well you definitely have the normal type checks in your team (which is good cause I would argue Normal types were just as overpowered as psychics). You might want to get something that can stand up to psychics however (such as a bulky special Pokemon like chansey or a psychic type of your own).

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