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I have an odd obsession with Porygon and I was wondering if it is worth putting on my Pokemon Blue team, so is it good and how should I go about supporting it?
I don't have access to trading.
I'm playing on the 3DS edition.
This will be a team to beat the Elite 4.
I don't want super rare Pokemon (Optional, preferred).
I'm not very good at the game lol.
It would be preferred if the Pokemon were accessible early on in the game, so they can be higher-leveled near the end and I don't have to farm.

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I edited the question slightly; I hope this is fine. We don't allow questions that directly ask for in-game teams, as this causes disorganisation with regard to the in-game team mega threads we run. There might be some teams with Porygon on the R/B/Y thread, but if there aren't many, you might take that as a sign it's not a great choice. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/109617/
Okay, thanks. Just think Porygon is pretty cool.

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Porygon in Blue is one of the rarest Pokemon because it costs P 130,000 to get it at the Game Corner. If you want a bulky normal with a lot of coverage attacks, then you should use Clefable. It's much easier to catch and evolve and has higher stats.

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Wouldn't snorlax be better?
Snorlax is obtainable later and has less speed.
I already used my Moon Stone on a Nidorino, but if there is another way to get a Clefable, please tell me!
And for the Snorlax-ers, this is my first playthrough and I have no idea how to obtain the Flute to wake it up, and even then, I'm not one for status moves. I know Snorlax is tanky, but I don't really need it.
There are 5 moon stones in each save file of Blue. Their locations are listed here: https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Moon_Stone The Poke flute is in Lavender Town.