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I just got a Lv.70 shiny Mewtwo in a link trade. After I get Ledgends in a trade I always go and make sure its moves, stats, and everything else are ligit. Then I found out all ledgends in X and Y are Shiny Locked!

It has both the Red Star and the Blue Pentagon and is in a Master Ball.
Mewtwo - Lv.70
OT - Jonny
HP - 250
Attack - 179
Defense - 153
Sp. Attack - 218
Sp. Defense - 146
Speed - 210
Nature - Adamant
Ability - Pressure
Moves - Recover -- Psychic
Ice Beam -- Aura Sphere

Is this Mewtwo Hacked and can it hurt my game???

I'm pretty sure only Xearneas, Yveltal and Zygarde are the only confirmed shiny locked legends.

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Your Mewtwo isn't legit, as Mewtwo is shiny locked in X/Y. Everything else seems to be 100% legit, other than the Mewtwo being shiny.

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Thanks! I'll try to trade it for a different Mewtwo.
It is possible that the Mewtwo was caught legitimately, but that it was not Shiny.  It was then hacked to being Shiny.