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Hi! A few months ago I was soft-resetting for a shiny Lugia in Alpha Sapphire. It was okay at first, but then it started to freeze sometimes when I was in front of lugia before starting the battle. I soft-reset for Cobalion and Zekrom and it was okay, but Lugia was bugged for some reason. Why do you think it happened?? Has someone been on the same situation as me? And before you ask: No, I don't use any kind of cheat

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Hmm...very interesting. Maybe the game is just glitching up from you soft-resetting so much? I can definitely imagine it doing that. But...maybe you just have to turn off the system and then try to battle Lugia? That's what I would recommend. Get in front of Lugia's Mirage Portal,save the game,and then keep shutting the game off completely and restarting until you get what you want!

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