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I Need the two legendaries and fast!If I don't my other team members aren't strong enough to fight all of the Gym leaders.

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My suggestion would be buying lots of Quick/Fast balls, and doing the old trick you use in the old games. If you can't afford the money, try to get a Pokemon with Mean Look. Based on what I've seen so far, Entei and Raikou DO NOT flee on the first turn, so even if you have a slow Pokemon with Mean Look, its fine. But it literally depends as I'm not 100% sure about it.

EDIT: Actually read about the fast balls and they actually work better on FAST Pokemons ( High Speed ). Mixed it up with the quick balls! P.S - To get a Fast Ball though, you can give Kurt white apricorns.

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I'm pretty sure you cant buy Fast Balls
Oops, missed it up with the quick balls. Still not sure whether it works with the Fast Ball. To get one, you have to give Kurt the white apricorns which I said buy which was an error. P.S
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You Need

  • Bicicle (gotta go fast ;) )
  • Any Pokemon that inflicts Paralysis/Asleep status
  • Any Pokemon with mean look
  • Any Pokemon with False Swipe (to put Entei/Raikou with 1HP)
  • Dusk Balls or Quick Balls (HARD, you can get them via lottery (if you can't go to Blackthorn City))
  • Ultra Balls ( :/ )

    After that

●Find one of them
●Use Mean Look
● Use the Negative-Status move mentioned
●Spam False swipes
●When the Legendary Pokemon's HP reaches1, throw the Ball

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