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THIS IS STILL A QUESTION:- in-game on Pokemon saphire, a woman on a small island standing just outside of the strange hut door on route 124 - where you can trade shards for evolution stones explains.

'' hey, do you know what, do you know what, you asnwer two things know what or not, (LOL) answer top (she responds you agree confo ended) answer bottom and its more text - , let me explain she ses - TRy using surf with sharpedo, it'll go zooming so fast and make you feel so great +_+...

also on bulbapedia, sharpedo / Pokemon I found this on the saphire column..

Sharpedo can swim at speeds of up to 75 mph by jetting seawater out of its backside. This Pokémon's drawback is its inability to swim long distances.

i havent been able to prove this theory yet because I'm currently trying to catch a sharpedo +_+

Long question is, someone please try this...


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I can't test it, but according to this, it swims two times faster.

Source: the link.

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thnx, it also had pics in comparison to others :)
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Yes It makes you faster. However you can fish on it. It is basically the surf version of the bike.

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"As many people know, the region of Hoenn is known for having vast amounts of water. As such, you'll be spending a lot of the time surfing from A to B. While the encounter rate has been decreased, this can be quite laborious. As such, there are a few changes to Surf depending on the Pokémon you use." Yes it does make you fast as Serebii says "Sharpedo moves at twice the speed of normal. You cannot fish while riding Sharpedo" also you are not able to fish with sharpedo as it will ride along.