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I can't decide because both are epic! And they have good moves, AND I have a Thunderstone.Please help!

You heard them . Amphy wins it!

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Since you have the choice as "Raichu" and not "Light Ball" Pikachu, I'd go with Ampharos, and here are a couple reasons why:

~ Ampharos is much more balanced than Raichu. Raichu can go ahead and hit the opponent pretty hard, but it dies just as it easily. Ampharos is a bit more durable than Raichu, although its not as strong. However, for playing through the game, bulk is better.

~ Ampharos has a much better movepool to suit it. Raichu has some cool moves to learn, but none really benefit it besides Focus Blast, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Iron Tail, etc. Ampharos gets hands on Thunderbolt/punch, Fire Punch, Brick Break, Iron Tail, Power Gem, Signal Beam, etc. Ampharos has WAY more options does.

~Ampharos has a higher Experience base, but is one that is more suited for the earlier levels. Pokemon with Ampharos' base only get hard to level at around level 60; past the halfway mark. While this may not be as great as the others, if you're a casual Pokemon gamer, then a lower initial EXP base is what you want. Less Experience to gain = faster leveling.

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I totally agree Ampharos is sooooooooooooooooooooo much better and Riachu has a terrible weight and speed stat I totally agree with you. :) Samurott would totally win becuzzzz it has an extreme type  advantage against ampharos and riachu :-l lol. I toatally now change my mind  psyduck would totally over power all three of the with moves like water sport and water gun. Zoroark would smell dod if psyduck peed on it. If you agree have a comment chat with me kk toodles byheeieee mm
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Raichu, when evolved from pikachu, does not learn new moves except from TMs. If you do not have any good TMs, then evolve pikachu in level 45, when it learns its last attack. Ampharos, however, has higher stats, and a wider movepool. Ampharos has sp att as its best stat, while Raichu aims for speed. That's all from me.

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Ampharos is a great Pokemon, especially as a Tank of sorts. Cotton Guard raises its defense by three stages, and if you can get a Light Screen up you will be hard to take down. Raichu isn't going to be doing much damage, Ampharos on the other hand hits off of 115 base Special Attack. Give it Discharge and Hidden Power Ice/Focus Blast/Signal Beam. You'll be taking down your opponents with ease.

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Well,if you have patience,you can breed two pikachu,female holding light ball and the pichu that hatches will know volt tackle.raise it and evolve pikachu at lvl 45 and this is a good moveset:
Raichu holding macho brace from the hatching to the final evolution
focus blast
rain dance/dig/iron tail
volt tackle
macho brace lowers speed but doubles ev gain so its really useful.evs should be:140 defense,112 attack,140 speed,40 sp.atk,rest on hp/sp.def

No offense, but you'll probably boost the stats better with the good old 252/252/4 EV spread (252 speed, 252 attack/Sp attack, and 4 HP.
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If you like signal beam, then amphoros

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I'd say raichu cause its a package of both speed and power with considerably high offence too .
Moveset could vary. I'd suggest:
Grass Knot (Eliminate ground disadvantage)
Iron Tail/BrickBreak (Coverage)
Thunder Punch / or a desired type that lacks in your team


Nice idea considering ampharos appears to be a popular choice.
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Ampharos because once you evolve Raichu it won't learn any new moves except from TMs when you evolve it from Pikachu however Ampharos will like Signal beam and Power Gem. If you tutor it Magnet rise Ground type moves will not effect it for five turns.

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Raichu can be tutored magnet rise too, plus it outruns most ground types to use it before it gets hit. Just making that clear. I'm raising a Raichu for myself, and quickly noticed that Magnet Rise is quite a viable strategy if you pull it off right/predict.
Raichu can be tutored magnet rise too, plus it outruns most ground types to use it before it gets hit. Just making that clear. So that's actually a point in Raichu's favour more than Ampharos'.

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I would say ampharos because that it evolves at level 30 so it get more powerful earlier on.

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I think ampharos, by far.
Though raichu has potential to be a special sweeper, it's so frail that it will literally die in every single battle. Ampharos may be slow, but it has potential to be a tank, and it's spa stat is something worth noting, with a base 115. Also, raichu doesn't learn any moves other then TMs, and it can be hard to have to grind for TMs in game. But where ampharos really shines where raichu doesn't is mega evolution. When it mega evolves, it gets an additional typng added to it in dragon, and a drastically high special attack with a base 165. Though it gets even slower, again, it can be a huge tank dealing out huge damage. Hope I helped!

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I sagest ampharos nowing thunderbolt and thunder ect.