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What is the best for the eletric role? Manectric or Plusle?

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Ingame, I aways goes for manectric in hoen, I wish to try something new, but I don't like trading the Pokemons on the pc all the time, and I like only one electric in my team.
My team is aways electric, flying, ground, grass, fire, water. I don't like repeating types.
Most of the time my electric one in Pokemon games was jolteon, luxray, manectric.
But in yellow was pikachu, and in leaf green was raichu. And I like him, the moves he learns and things like that. I don't want to repeat pikachu/raichu again, so I tought maybe I could use something similiar but not the same, so a think about the plusle. But I don't know if he is like pikachu in gameplay, he could only be used for support? Of ofensive too?

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Is this the original or the remake?

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Manectric for sure. Plusle is a gimmick Pokemon, with below mediocre stats, while Manectric a fast powerhouse, with a great design to boot.


Lightning Rod provides resistance against the electric type, which Manectric is resistant to anyway. However, it will completely eliminate any damage from an electric type move. Very useful. Static is even better, since it'll paralyze those pesky gym leader and elite four Pokemon for you!

Growth Rate
Manectric's growth rate is slow. Something else to consider if you hate grinding.


Plus raises Special Attack IF you have a Pokemon with minus. So either get a Minun or have a useless ability.

Growth Rate
Medium Fast; you'll train it quick

Additional notes:
- Manectric evolves from Electrike, where Plusle does not evolve
- Manectric learns Discharge at level 30, one level earlier that Plusle
- Manectric's Special Attack is 105, Plusle's is 85.
- Incidentally, both Electrike and Plusle are found on Route 110, so you'll get them at the same time.

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