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i dont want to know if it can have it at the same time I mean how can a teach a rattata me first by itself and counter by itself

What game are you playing?
alpha sapphire

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Counter and Me First are both Egg Moves for Rattata, so you'll have to breed

To get Counter, you'll have to breed a Rattata with a Slackoth, Vigoroth, Slacking, or Lucario that knows Counter.

To get Me First, you'll have to breed a Rattata with a Sentret, Furret, Stantler, Absol, or Lucario that knows Me First.

I'm not sure if there are any special things that you have to do to breed for Egg Moves,so if there is anything extremely important that I missed, please tell me!

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thanks i have a lucario with me first on its move set on my copy of pokemon y and since i have 2 3DSs i can just trade the lucario to alpha sapphire Edit: lucario learns counter at lv 6 so i need a heart scale to relearn it