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can there be list of these please

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Here we go,

Those are all of the obvious crab Pokemon, there may be more that have some features of crab Pokemon.

Source: Scrolled through the Pokemon Db pokedex

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dwebble and crustle are not crabs from any points
"Dwebble is based on a hermit crab, living within a hollowed out rock rather than a discarded seashell."
"Crustle is based on a hermit crab. Its shell resembles a block of stratum rather than an actual shell, though the design also seems to resemble ornately-colored hermit crab shells."
Yeah what he said xD
Paras and Parascect are also crabs.
Actually, Paras and Parasect are based off of cicada nymphs infected with a parastitic fungus, possibly a Cordyceps.
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List of Crab Pokemon

  • Krabby and Kingler (Based on fiddler crab or terrestrial crab)
  • Dwebble and Crustle (Based on hermit crab)
  • Corphish and Crawdaunt (A crustacean, not a crab)
  • Clauncher and Clawitzer (A shrimp, not a crab)
  • Crabrawler and Crabominable (Based on coconut crab)
  • Kabuto and Kabutops (A horseshoe crab which technically isn't a crab)
  • Paras and Parasect (A cicada, although it has crab like qualities)
  • Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking (A hermit crab, although not very crab-like)
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