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I have a zapdos with bold nature HP ice an these ivs 24/xx/27/31/31/31. is this ok for competitive battling or should I soft reset for another?

It depends how competitive you want to get. If you want to win the VGC, you should keep soft-resetting.
Well it's mainly for singles ou uu competitive play. So what do you think?
I forgot to say that the nature matters more than the IVs. What nature does it have?
It's a bold nature
Bold is good for a defensive Zapdos.

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That's a great Zapdos, keep it imo. The only major IV concern is always the speed IV, and you have that maxed. The rest are also pretty good. Since you have a Bold nature run a physically defensive set. (PS: I would've suggested Defogger, but since you cannot get Defog, just go with T-Wave or Whirlwind sets instead).

Hope I helped!

Thx alot I also soft reset for a thundrus and got a timid with these IVS 24/xx/31/31/31/31  also with HP ice is that fine also?
That one definitely has good offensive potential.
Thanks a lot everyone all this has been a great help!