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So I'm starting a new game for Pokemon diamond and I'm going for a balanced Attack and Defense Piplup And I Found Lax And Modest Do This Job Well But Which Nature Should I go For? By the way it will like SOUR food=Attk

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Wait... First, I think Sour increases defense, so I would say Modest. If you want it to have high Special Attack and Attack both, I would say Modest + a characteristic like, "Likes to thrash about."

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I looked it up and it says sour is for attack
oh then i guess lax with "strong willed"
I just started and i got a piplup lax with sour food but i got "proud of its power is this ok" BTW ik about EVs
Then it will have really high attack but bad sp. def
but i think empoleon has a way higher base special attack than base attack