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Alright My first shiny hunt and no I do not want to chain f ish

There's no way to make shiny Pokemon "easy" to find. If chain fishing is too strenuous for you, you're probably out of luck with more efficient ways to find shiny Pokemon. Chain fishing is one of the fastest methods available. Your alternatives are equally repetitive and frustrating.
I've found 3 shinies pretty quickly using the dexnav. I found tropius on 195 encounters, vulpix on 194 encounters and skitty on ~300 encounters. It's my favourite shiny hunting method.

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Though there's no guaranteed way to get a Shiny. However, chain fishing is the only easy way when it comes to Shiny hunting.
How to Chain Fish-
-Get a fishing rod and a Pokemon with Sticky Hold or Suction Cups
-Put said Pokemon at the front of your party
-without shutting the game off or moving from your place, keep fishing in the same place over and over again until you get a Shiny
You can switch rods, just as long as you reel it in every single time. Shutting the game off, moving from your position, or failing to reel it in stops your chain. You can run from the Pokemon, so you don't have to kill them.

If you don't want to do this, the best option is to run into grass and use sweet scent nonstop in the overworld and keep finding hordes until you get a Shiny.

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Maybe use the Dexnav? Catch the Pokemon, and keep spamming "Search" in the location its found.

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I've never done what most people call a shiny hunt. I've only found the Pokemon in the wild while I was doing something else, like my Shiny Wingull was when I was Surfing to the Sky Pillar, and my Shiny Luvdisc ( I know, right...) was found when I was Heart Scaling and I was like "Oh God it's a Shiny I gotta catch it!" The way I have gotten my Shiny Ludicolo and Shiny Gabite is from breeding with the Shiny Charm that you get from Prof. Birch's lab after completing the National Pokedex. Other than Chain Fishing, all you really have is pure, straight-up luck. And sometimes, you dont have any good luck.