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In Pokemon X, i'm breeding for a shiny Bisharp. Well, because, you know, he's BLUE. And Bisharp is just plain cool. And blue is my favorite color. But anyway, i'm breeding for a shiny Pawniard(which evolves into Bisharp) and I have a Male Japanese Pawniard, and a Japanese ditto. So what i'm getting to is that should I breed an american Pawniard with a japanese Pawniard, or breed it my Japanese ditto with an american Pawniard/Bisharp?


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The Masuda Method works by having using one parent from your local language, and another parent from a foreign language. This drastically increases the odds that any given egg from that pair will be Shiny.

In your case, I would use the foreign Ditto and the foreign Pawniard to quickly get 1 egg, hatch it, and then replace the foreign Ditto with the one you just hatched. Because you hatched it, it the child will be your local language, thereby making it the perfect partner for your foreign Pawniard under the Masuda Method.

Unless you are also IV breeding at the same time, and the Ditto has good IVs you wish to pass down. In that scenario, you should keep the foreign Ditto, and replace the foreign Pawniard instead. I have a 6 IV foreign Ditto that will forever reside in my Daycare for this express purpose.

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You don't have to use a Pokemon with your local language, it just has to be two Pokemon with different languages.
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To use the Masuda Method to get shiny Pokemon, you need to breed two Pokemon with different languages. You don't have to have a Pokemon of your own language, so if you were English, you could use a Spanish Japanese Pokemon.

Hope this helps!