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This question is a follow on from a previous discussion/question so follow this link http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/262106/how-can-this-happen
to get the back story to this question.

An example for this question would be Zigzagoon, which can have an Oran berry in X/Y, but a potion or revive in oRaS. I think it is already established in the Pokémon community that Pokémon can't have oRaS exclusive items in X/Y, but is the opposite true? is it impossible to find a Zigzagoon in oRaS with an Oran berry, or anything else in oRaS with an exclusive item?

By "exclusive item" they mean Mega Stones, Red/Blue Orbs, etc. not common items like Oran Berries.
yes common items. this isn't a question of items introduced in oRaS but wild pokemon who's hold item has changed in oRaS. Zigzagoon can be found in the wild in oRaS holding either a potion or a revive, but an Oran berry in X/Y. Will Zigzagoon ever be holding an Oran berry in the wild in oRaS?
Zigzagoon can't be holding an Oran Berry in X/Y or ORAS. It also cannot pick up an Oran Berry with Pickup.
it would seem you are correct. I've tried finding one with no success and have just checked Bulbapedia which doesn't list an item for X/Y. Serebii on the other hand does; Serebii getting their facts wrong again, disappointing
OK try this scenario instead: replace Zigzagoon with Corsola, Oran berry with Hard Stone (X/Y) and potion/revive with Luminous Moss (oRaS)

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OK so with no proven answer I've had to grind through 'aS' and 'Y' to try this out on Seviper. From my experience it seems that wild hold items on X/Y are not available on oRaS (I never found the Persim Berry in 'aS'). There are 3 exceptions, Solrock, Lunatone, and Clamperl, but according to Bulbapedia, the X/Y item in each of these cases aren't exclusive and are listed for all four games, with these Pokémon having added items available in oRaS. Also, in many cases those with an oRaS exclusive item never had an item for X/Y in the first place. It would seem that for wild Pokémon hold items Bulbapedia is more reliable. This is only based on my experience, but until some one can prove otherwise, this will have to suffice as an answer

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Yes it can. Source: Experience

Elaborate? This isn't credible until you can outline exactly what that experience is and how it supports your response.
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