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I mean moves that are not exclusive to a single evolutionary family, like Sunsteel Strike is exclusive to only Solgaleo. I define "least distributed" as only two to three evolutionary lines that can learn it, via level up or otherwise. The least distributed I could come up with is Night Daze, given only to Lunala, Zorua, and Zoroark. Please include all moves that fit this description. Moves and Pokemon no longer in Sword and Shield should also be included, if they fit the requirements.

Thank you.

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One I know is Water Shuriken.  Only Greninja and Accelgor can learn Water Shuriken since there both stealthy Pokémon.  Greninja learns this by evolution and Acceptor learns this by level up.
Thanks. Forgot about Water Shuriken. Also, Magnetic Flux can be learned by more than just those two, though.
Huh. Maybe Pusle and Minun.  Or maybe it is just those two.
Yup your right let me fix that. There is too much
Shoot, I started making my answer before you edited it to say "only two to three evo lines", and interpreted it as "two non related Pokemon" instead :(. I'll edit it later on, if you'd like
Oof. I just fixed that once I realized not three but six lines can learn it.

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The moves I found that fit this description are as follows:

  • Transform (Only learned by Ditto and Mew)
  • Triple Kick (Only learned by Hitmontop and Pheromosa)
  • Sacred Fire (Only learned by Ho-Oh and Entei)
  • Psycho Boost (Only learned by Deoxys and Lugia*)
  • Heart Swap (Only learned by Manaphy and Magearna)
  • Shadow Force (Only learned by Giratina and Arceus*)
  • Glaciate (Only learned by Kyurem and Victini*)
  • Bolt Strike (Only learned by Zekrom and Victini*)
  • Blue Flare (Only learned by Reshiram and Victini*)
  • V-Create (Only learned by Victini* and Rayquaza*)
  • Flying Press (Only learned by Hawlucha and Pikachu Libre)
  • Mat Block (Only learned by Greninja and Throh)
  • Water Shuriken (Only learned by Greninja and Accelgor)
  • Powder (Only learned by Vivillon and Cutiefly)
  • Sparkling Aria (Only learned by Primarina and Lapras)
  • Gear Up (Only learned by Klinklang and Magearna)
  • Dragon Hammer (Only learned by Alolan Exeggutor and Tropius)
  • Zing Zap (Only learned by Togedemaru and Pinchurin)
  • Bolt Beak (Only learned by Dracozolt and Arctozolt)
  • Fishious Rend (Only learned by Dracovish and Arctovish)

*-denotes that this Pokemon can only learn the move through an event

Hope this helped! If I missed one, please let me know!

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if any mods see this, for V-Create, both Victini and Rayquaza should have an asterisk by them, but the software interprets this as me wanting to italicize the words in between instead, and I dont know how to disable that, so if you could edit it so that it formats properly, that would be a big help
What did you use to answer? Bulbapedia?
Kingdra learns octazooka.
updated. and i manually went through the list of moves on bulbapedia to see which ones had the smallest distribution
felix, try slashes or backslashes.
What do you mean?
\*He/she/it probably means this.\*
Ohhhhh, I see, thanks for the tip!