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so I forgot which account I use to sync with my alpha sapphire game....
How do you know what account is linked to your game??
and is there any way to delete it and input a new I'd for the game...e


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Basics from off the Pokemon website itself, in plain English and short and sweet:
- you cannot erase a game once linked and if you reset the game card after linking it can no longer be used with the account, you will have to sync the new game with a new account.
- you can look up the ID of the synced game in your VS Recorder device. Going into the account online you can match it up to the synced ID.

In sum, it's actually a pain to sync the games... One account, one version of each game, and you can't restart a game, or you lose everything online as well as on card.

i go to the vs recorder and theres no information whatsoever about my ID...
Odd... Is this Alpha save file Synced at all? There's supposed to be a menu selection added to the VS recorder after synchronizing, seeing as it is generated at that specific point in time.