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I've recently beat Flannery, and got the Go-Goggles from May. I worked over to Route 111, and remembered that I could choose between Lileep and Anorith. I also remember I only get one, so I was wondering which one would be better.

The sooner the answer, the better!!


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It kind of depends on your preferences and in-game needs.

Lileep/Cradilly are more defensive stalling type Pokemon. Decent health, moderately high defenses slightly favoring Special Defense. It can have a really irritating movepool, including things like Giga Drain or Ingrain for recovery and Amnesia for even better defense. But it has very low speed, and generally, stall tactics are rarely very efficient for in-game purposes. They can work, but offense sets are just easier.

Anorith/Armaldo have fantastic physical Attack, and great physical attacking moves to take advantage of it, like Rock Blast and X-Scissor. They also have decent physical Defense, making them somewhat bulky. This allows them to take a hit or 2. But, again, it is incredibly slow.

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Thanks so much, that will really help make my decision.