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I was looking at this page to get some information on gift Pokemon, and saw Aerodactyl. There it is written that Aerodactyl comes at Level 30 after being revived from Cinnabar Lab in FRLG but here in PokeDB, it is written that Aerodactyl and its' fossil friends come at Level 5 instead.

Which of these sites are right?

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Gen I

A scientist in the Pokémon Lab on Cinnabar Island can revive the Fossils. The resulting Pokémon are level 30.


FireRed and LeafGreen Fossils are obtained the same way as in Generation I, while Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald Fossils may be revived by a scientist in the Devon Corporation building in Rustboro City. Newly resurrected Pokémon are level 20 in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald and level 5 in FireRed and LeafGreen.


This likely is an error in Serebii's page, which is why it tells Level 30 in FRLG, though it was only in RBY but changed.

However, it's correctly mentioned as Lvl 5 in FRLG and 30 in RBY in our site, so therefore the DB one is correct.

Hope this helps!

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"However, its correctly mentioned as Lvl 30 in FRLG and 5 in RBY in our site, so therefore the DB one is correct."

Whoops, looks like the writers at Serebii arent the only ones who messed up the levels! XD
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The DB is actually right about this one. Serebii likely says level 30 because that's what level you'd receive that fossil Pokemon at in Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Source Cross-referencing with Bulbapedia

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