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For instance, helix fossil = omanyte

Please lost a full list of all the fossil Pokemon, thank you.


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Armor Fossil – Shieldon
Claw Fossil – Anorith
Cover Fossil – Tirtouga
Dome Fossil – Kabuto
Helix Fossil – Omanyte
Jaw Fossil – Tyrunt
Plume Fossil – Archen
Root Fossil – Lileep
Sail Fossil – Amaura
Skull Fossil – Cranidos
Old Amber – Aerodactyl

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Gen 1
Dome Fossil - Kabuto --> Kabutops
Helix Fossil - Omanyte --> Omastar
Old Amber - Aerodactyl

Gen 2
There where no new fossils introduced

Gen 3
Root Fossil - Lileep --> Cradily
Claw Fossil - Anorith --> Armaldo

Gen 4
Armor Fossil - Sheildon --> Bastiodon
Skull Fossil- Craniados --> Rampardos

Gen 5
Cover Fossil - Tirtouga --> Carracosta
Plume Fossil - Archen --> Archeops

Gen 6
Sail Fossil - Amaura --> Aurourus
Jaw Fossil - Tyrunt --> Tyrantrum

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Fossil

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Gen 1

Kabuto is revived from Dome fossil,
Omanyte is revived from Helix fossil.
Aerodactly is revived from Old ambes.

Gen 2

No fossil Pokemon

Gen 3

Lileep is revived from Root fossil.
Anorith is revived from Claw fossil.

Gen 4

Cranidos is revived from Skull fossil.
Sheildon is revived from Shield fossil.

Gen 5

Tirtouga is revived from Cover fossil.
Archen is revived from Plum fossil.

Gen 6

Tyrunt is revived from Jaw fossil.
Amoura is revived from Sail fossil.


1) Relicanth is not a true Fossil as it can be found in the wild and does
not need to be revived, however, it is an ancient living fossil.
. It is also inspired by a fossil fish: Coelacanth.

2) While normally just a Legendary Pokémon, a Groudon fossil is recovered
by Butler in Jirachi: Wish Maker and used to resurrect it as Virus


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