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Isn’t team Magma in Ruby?
Yeah .
Wow. Team Magma. I bet they use Water types, totally not fire types that could easily destroy grass type starters...
They use quite a lot of ground and Dark Types. I'm pretty sure Mudkip is almost always the best Starter. :P
Treecko has weaknesses. Mudkip doesn't.
Also if you don't choose Treecko, then you can use a Breloom, which is almost as good. The next best water Pokemon is significantly worse than Mudkip, and the next best ground Pokemon is even further down.
I mean, I do have a rock type move on my Sceptile to use against fire and flying type Pokémon.

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Team magma specialises in fire types, not water. Get mudkip in ruby instead. Water ground is great and I'm pretty sure it covers a lot of gyms

If you want a grass type in ruby, get breloom. I've only played a small part of emerald so this could be wrong, but the forest before you get to the first town has a small chance to encounter shroomish. Assuming this is in Pokemon ruby, you can evolve the shroomish into breloom and it will be a great addition. It does have 4x weakness to flying though

Team Magma is really not a problem. Most of their fire Pokemon have no fire attacks and easily get one-shot by leaf blade. I think Treecko suffers a lot more in gyms and the Pokemon league.
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Well, Treecko actually is a good starter, only if you are playing Emerald. For Ruby/Sapphire, it is Torchic. Don’t blame me for the info.

do you have an explanation on why mudkip is used in speedruns more?
Emerald does have more water opponents, but they usually aren't weak to grass or know ice beam.
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Hello Guys!!, I believe Treeko is not a good option in Pokemon ruby Because it has multiple weakness & less type coverage. I suggest you guys to choose Torchic as a starter Pokemon in Ruby Version of Pokemon. Torchic 3rd Evolution is Blaziken which has a decent Attack power and most type coverage in the Game.

Blaziken is weak to water, which is a pretty common attack type.