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Pokemon Ruby has 16-bit graphics, as opposed to its 8-bit predecessors. This made the game look noticeably better then previous generation games.


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The game data for Ruby and Sapphire takes up 16 megabytes each, which is a total of 134,217,728 bits (but people typically don't measure those things in bits).

The question most certainly asks about bits as in 8-bit computation, 16-bit computation, etc. as opposed to bits as a unit of data.
We don't really know that. It's a strange question to ask regardless of what they actually mean by "bits".
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If you're asking about the ROM size of the game, it is about 16 MB (which is 128000000 bits converted from MB).

If you're asking about the save file size, it is about 128 KB (which is 1024000 bits converted from KB).

If you're asking about the graphics, it uses 32-bit graphics as the GBA's CPU is 32-bit.

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