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Because it is perfectly balanced at 328 for both speed and attack according to the database with max evs and ivs. I just caught a trapinch and it's nature is timid.


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Timid nature is +Speed -Attack, it means Flygon's Speed Will grow more but it's Attack will grow less. Here's 2 nature's I recommend on Flygon:

  1. Adamant (+Attack -Sp.Atk)
  2. Jolly (+Speed -Sp.Atk)

Flygon can learn Earthquake and it get STAB from it And it Can learn Dragon Dance for Speed and Attack boosts so it Depends on stats.

EDIT: Before the Release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, Flygon couldn't learn Dragon Dance. If your playing any of the gens 1-6, then use Swords Dance with a Jolly Nature. In Gen 7, Flygon can learn Dragon Dance so use Dragon Dance.

Hope this helps :)

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