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What moves/ movesets/ for which Pokemon are useful for catching legendaries? (I don't have Snorlax)

I would like to have a Pokemon that knows False Swipe to help catch legendaries in Soul Silver, but I would also like the Pokemon to be able to be otherwise "useful," if you will, as well.

Sorry for the large amount of questions, but thanks in advance!

Definitely Thunder Wave, Hypnosis, Sleep Powder, and Spore.
False Swipe is also essential.

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To me, the most useful moves are Thunder Wave, Spore, Stun Spore, Hypnosis, Dark Void (if you have a Darkrai), Sleep Powder and False Swipe. For Roaming Legendaries you can also try Block and Mean Look so the Pokemon doesen't escape.

Here are also some recommended Abilities:
Shadow Tag and Arena Trap. NOTE: These abilities won't work if the opposing Pokemon is a Flying-Type or has the Ability Levitate.

Hope I helped :)

Don't forget taunt (in case they know healing moves or force switching moves), hail/sandstorm (in case they know ingrain or aqua ring), haze (in case they know stat boosting moves), glare (in case they're ground type), skill swap (in case they know recoil attacks), and worry seed (in case they know rest).
Shadow tag works on everything except those immune to being trapped or those whose ability is shadow tag. The note is only true for arena trap.
@sumwun I also forgot to put Heal Block in my answer just in case if they have moves like Roost and Recover. Also Encore is a good move if the opposing Pokemon used a move like Ingrain so they don't attack you or raise their Stats.