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IF carbink use skill swap with Shedninja and its got its hidden Ability sturdy are carbink gonna get wondergard and Shedninja get sturdy then???
And then you have an safeguarder to.
Is it gonna work??


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No, this isn't possible according to your parameters because Wonder Guard cannot be Skill Swapped. However, there is a feasible (although unlikely) way to get Sturdy on Shedinja. You will need:

  • Shedinja holding Focus Sash
  • Pokémon with Worry Seed, possibly a Prankster user like Whimsicott
  • Carbink with Sturdy and Skill Swap
  • this can only be done in Triple Battles

The plan is to have your setup like this:

carbink shedinja whimsicott

Have Whimsicott use Worry Seed on Shedinja. Focus Sash will keep it alive for that turn, hopefully. Then have Carbink use Skill Swap on Shedinja. Because Worry Seed changed Shedinja's ability to Insomnia, you can now Skill Swap it. Et voila! Un Shedinja avec le talent Sturdy!

DISCLAIMER: As you've probably already been told, Sturdy Shedinja is a highly volatile strategy that isn't a strategy you should rely on to win. It can be counteracted by status and weather and blah blah blah, but it is a fun strategy to use if you don't really care about winning or losing.

Here's a video that shows the strategy I'm describing, with a bit of Final Gambit trolling.

Gastro Acid also accomplishes this, does it not?  This allows you to run an Eelektross instead of a Whimsicott, allowing you to *also* throw in Thunder Wave to block out Poison and Burn.  Also, you really can't afford to give up Safety Goggles on Shedinja to protect it from weather and powder.  Under these conditions, as long as Shedinja survives the 1 turn required,  the only ways to deal with it would be to Thief, Knock-off, Switcheroo, or Magician the Safety Goggles off Shedinja during weather.  Right?
Yes that works too, but in the video you can see that Ferrothorn accomplishes the same strategy with Worry Seed + Thunder Wave. Also keep in mind that in Triples Shedinja has a much higher chance of being hit by a spread move, which is why I suggested Focus Sash, but Safety Goggles works too.
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No because you can't Skill Swap Wonder Guard. Also this would be weak to status, weather, multi hit moves.

Hope I helped.

It heller slit thx
So Sturdy can only trigger once per turn, regardless of the health trigger?  Sturdy Shedinja is *always* at full HP.  Wouldn't that mean that each hit of ex Rock Blast or Icicle Spear would trigger Sturdy separately?
I always heard it simply bypassed Sturdy.