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It seems to be useless ability in game and tv anime ?

Sawyer Slacking shown to use this ability in the battle of the Kalos League?
was Sawyer using this ability to waist Ash Hawlucha stamina to use a K.O. move like Counter to end it?

In the games, truant is intended to have a negative effect. Slaking has a higher base stat total than all other non-legendary Pokemon, so the ability was supposed to balance it. I don't watch the TV show, so I don't know what truant is for in there.

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In the Games:
Traunt was put on Slaking specifically to depower it, seeing as it has a really high BST of 670, more than the pseudo-Legendaries like Metagross and Goodra, and even the same as some Legendaries like Groudon. Even then, it's still insanely high and comes just ten points behind the likes of Mewtwo and Dialga at 680 BST. Slaking is also fast, bulky, and has an insane 160 Base Attack (en par with some Mega Evolutions). It also has decent defensive typing and a good movepool. Therefore it was necessary for Game Freak to nerf Slaking in some way.

You'll notice that Durant has it as its Hidden Ability. This is purely for the Entrainment Traunt gimmick.

In the Anime:
Sawyer chose Slaking to counter Ash's Hawlucha. In the episode he says that he knew Hawlucha would find it difficult to fight an opponent who didn't move. His strategy was to exhaust Hawlucha with Slack Off and then KO it, which is exactly what happened. However, Slaking was a specific counter to Hawlucha and you'll notice that Talonflame took it out with little difficulty.

can u expalin one more time i dont understand
For Sawyer this ability was used to wasit Ash Hawlucha stamina to use one hit to take out Hawlcuha with Counter

But Ash Hawlucha was able to weaken enough Slakking for Ash Talonflame to finished it off

sorry not understanding
From what I can gather, Sawyer knew that Hawlucha was best at fighting opponents who, for lack of a better term, moved around. So he could trip them and stuff. So he chose Slaking who doesn't move at all. He then took advantage of Slaking's bulkiness, as well as Slack Off recovery, until Hawlucha just began attacking blindly — which was the pefect setup to KO it with Counter.

Now, Clemont said that Slack Off didn't heal all of Slaking's health, hence why Talonflame was able to take it out so quickly. However, Slaking's purpose was never to beat Talonflame in the first place, it was there to beat Hawlucha.

Was that more clear?
yes but this ability of Slacking in the anime does it help the user against foes that to make themselves get exhausted in battles
like Hawlcuha use many of his attacks many times as it uses all the stamina of Hawlcuha

what do u think?