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In details, if you can


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With the majority of Pokémon, they evolve by a specific level (This includes reaching a certain level, leveling up with a specific item, or leveling up with a given happiness level). If this is the case, the Pokémon will try to evolve each time it levels up until level 100 is reached. If you don't evolve a level specific Pokémon by the time level 100 is reached, it will be impossible to evolve. If, however, the Pokémon evolves by a stone, or trading, it can be evolved even at level 100. This may be helpful: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Methods_of_evolution

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but when a Pokemon evolves by happiness, it has to level up. I'm pretty sure that applies to learning a specific move, also.
Oh yeah, that is correct. Thanks man.
Also if it has to know a special move it has to level up while knowing that move. Meaning you cant evolve them once they reach level 100 too
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Yes.Just level it up 1 more time ^_^ hope this helps

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you can evolve your Pokemon as long as it hasn't reached level 100 yet. hope this helped!:)