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Hi there.. hope someone can help me...

I am trying to train my nido into nidoking in Pokemon diamond after transferring nidoran M from Pokemon FireRed. My nidoran M has Poison Point ability and I intend to keep it onto Nidoking. For some reason after my nidoran has evolved into nidorino in Diamond, his ability changed to Rivalry... Can anyone help me why this happened and how can I prevent it?

This has happened twice in the exact same way if I am correct that the first nidoran M had the poison point ability too. After the first, I cautiously made sure the second nidoran M has poison point ability and it still came out rivalry ability after evolving into Nidorino. Will using moonstone to evolve into Nidoking bring back the poison point ability? Is it a guarantee or???

Hope you can help.

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Pokemon's abilities are classified as Ability 1 and Ability 2. As they evolve they will stay in the ability line they originally had, so the ability will not change. However, there is a rare case where some Pokemon had only one ability in Gen 3 but were given an additional ability in Gen 4. If they are traded from the Gen 3 game into the Gen 4 game and evolved in the Gen 4 game, there is a chance their ability line will switch, resulting in a different ability. This is what happened.

In order to keep Poison Point, you must fully evolve the Nidoran into Nidoking in the Gen 3 game. Then you can transfer it to the Gen 4 game.