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I have been searching for days and nothing comes up! I need a male Nidoran because I want a Nidoking with sheer force. Either I have no berries, no Nidoran comes up, I try again and nothing at all pops up and that it keeps sending me to a place I don't want! Does he come out of a bush or the same way as Likitung? I at least need to know his appearance rate. Thanks!


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The chances for getting a Pokemon is the same in DW(Dream World).Yes it comes out of the bush but it can also just be there when you enter that area.The place you go when you go across the bridge is either going to be Pleasant Forest,Spooky Manner Or The Ruggy Mountain. To solve your problem with no berries if you find a nidoran befriend it you dont have to wish for it that moment.You could go back to your home and keep going back until you get a berry and the nidoran will still be there.

Alright! Thanks a bunch! :) I'm aware of the areas too. Just Joltiks me off (get the pun? It ticks me off and...Joltik...? Sounds like..ti- yeah I have to stop the puns. XD) when I get sent to a random area. Once again, thank you. Just hopefully I'll be able to get one next time. -_- But when I go to my home I have no berries. Would they just be in the chest?
if you find berries in the areas when you got to plant a berry or put one on your shelf or wish for a Pokemon a list of your items will come up
Ok. But when I left it said there's no items to take to the entralink. I got a pass orb and everything! Guess it must be in my treasure chest then. Thanks for the help. :)
yea you have to switch them over in the chest
Just thought of something. You said his appearance rate is the same as in the game? Would I need Ken in white forest then? If so then I'm screwed. O_o
No, What i meant was that the appearance rate was the same for every pokemon in DW so the chance of finding a  DW licktung is the same for a DW poliwag.But if it took ken in white forest to get the nidoran then people with black couldnt get him which isnt the case because i have found one before and i have black.
Oh...Ok. Just makin' sure. :)