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is it in the computer...

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Yes, it is in the computer!
It's a website created by the Pokemon company especially for Pokemon Black and White!

The website is "Pokemon Global Link" where you also have access to Dream World.
You have to make an account and link it with your Pokemon Black or White game! (You need Wi-fi for this)

But in order to have an account with Pokemon Global Link, you must make a Pokemon Trainer account at Pokemon.com.

Have fun and feel free to ask any more questions you have or if you need help during the process!

- 10.30.2011 18:07

it did not let me in
Well did you make your Pokemon club trainer account at Pokemon.com?
yes i did
Do you have Wi-fi broadband internet access in your house?
i have dial-up
That's your problem.
(Almost) all internet connections nowadays require Broadband internet access.
Sorry! :l
aww!!!!! :(
Yeah sorry!
Here are the full requirements: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pgl/requirements/