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im thinking of getting my jumpluff to learn these moves for online battling

say if I used infestation then toxic and after that leech seed would they all take damage off on the next turn

or will infestation stop when I use toxic and will toxic then stop when I use leech seed?

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All of these moves should be able to work in unison.
Poisoning is a Type A status condition (Different Types are included in the link below), and therefore can work work with either Leech Seed or Infestation. Toxic is a type of move that will not wear off during the match, regardless of if the Poisoned Pokémon is hit by Will o' Wisp or Thunder Wave and such. The Moves will not take effect. Source - http://m.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-x-y/Status_Conditions

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Thank you!   :D