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I am trying to breed a magikarp with perfect IVs in Alpha Sapphire. I am breeding a female magikarp with perfect IVs in defense, hp, special attack, and special defense with a male magikarp with perfect IVs in hp, attack, special attack, and special defense. I am using the destiny knot. So far, I have only gotten magikarps with perfect IVs in 4 out of those 5 categories. I think I have hatched at least 30-40 eggs, and some of them only have 1 or 2 perfect IVs. Is my luck bad, or does the stats judge only list up to four perfect IVs? Also, if there are 9 stats to choose from, what is the percent chance that I will get a magikarp with 5 perfect stats?

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The chance is certain to breed 5 IVs from both of the Pokemon. This means the same two perfect IVs can be passed on, and the stats judge doesn't only judge up to 4 IVs. 30 - 40 eggs is surprisingly low, I once took 100 eggs just to get good IVs on my Beedrill.

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Thanks. Did you mean that you hatched 100 eggs to get two parent Pokemon to pass the right IVs on to the child, or 100 eggs from when you started breeding beedrills to the when you finally had a beedrill with perfect stats? Sorry if that is worded weirdly.
The first one.