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I really want to know because I planned on catching a psyduck and evolving it, but then I saw a drowzee and thought of evolving it into a hypno. Both know psychic type moves so I'm wondering what one is better.

P.S. Im playing crystal

Pretty sure ingame team questions are not allowed.
This-or-that questions are allowed because they can be answered logically and will have various factors to take into effect. I think it's only the this-is-my-team-is-it-good questions that aren't allowed.

There was a very good post about it on the Meta, written by fizz I think.

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Golduck Appeal

Base Stats are all average, with the average being 83.3 and its best stat being Special Attack.

Has access to fairly strong moves, such as Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, and Psychic.

Has a total of two weaknesses, Grass and Electric, Grass of which can be covered by Ice Beam.

Hypnos Appeal

Has an amazing Special Attack and a decent Physical Attack, making it a worthy mixed attacker.

Has access to great moves, such as Psychic, Poison Gas, Psych Up, and more.

Can learn a move to counter every one of its Weaknesses

Both of these Pokémon are great for a Crystal Playthrough, but based on the overall potential of both of these Pokémon, I would choose Golduck, but Hypno is not a bad choice at all. Good luck!

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Thank you both! Both answers helped me a lot!