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I just bought Pokemon alpha sapphire and I need a water type Pokemon. I just dont know which one, any suggestions?


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One of your best options would be your starter. Mudkip evolves into first Marshtomp, and then Swampert. It has quite decent defensive bulk, as well as having a very unique defensive typing. Additionally, it has received a Mega Evolution, increasing it's offensive capabilities.

Since you are playing AS, you will have Lotad available pretty early on in the game. It evolves into Lombre, then Ludicolo, who has very nice options for for Rain teams, and some interesting utility moves. These make it a great sustaining annoyer.

Marill is another option available relatively early, and evolves into Azumarill. In addition to being a great bulky water type, it has also had the Fairy type added to it, letting it hit Dragons where it hurts. Make sure you get one with the Huge Power ability, though.

Finally, as you are playing AS, you will have Kyogre made available to you as you play through the story. Being a Legendary Pokemon, it is a veritable force to be reckoned with. Additionally, it has received a variation on Mega Evolution, known as a Primal Reversion.

INB4 "7.8/10 too much water", the Hoenn Region has historically gotten a lot of flak for it's many waterways. There are a number of Water Pokemon that become available as you near the end of the story and approach the Pokemon League.

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Actually there are a lot of options for water types in Alpha Sapphire.
1. Swampert: He is a really great Pokemon and a starter hence can also mega evolve
2. Gyarados: A truly strong Pokemon gen4 onwards,easily available plus can also mega evolve.
3. Sharpedo: Another strong and fast mega.
4. Kyogre: A legendary Pokemon, has the highest Sp.Attack for water types plus has Primal Reversion.
5. Ludicolo: Best if you don't want a mega. Can be caught early and works great.
6. Azumarril: Best if you are looking for a bulky Pokemon.Azumarril is not only bulky but also hits hard. The fairy type gives it an edge over the others.
7. Milotic: If you can go through the pain of maxing Febaas's beauty condition,this can work as a nice special wall .With a huge movepool,Milotic can turn out to be a nice team member.Only thing it lacks is a boosting move like Calm mind.

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you can catch lotad very early in the game on route 102 which evolves into ludicolo a good Pokemon with only 3 x2 weaknesses.

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I think you should take your first Pokemon as mudkip.
It will be more stronger when it is evolve.
Swampert is Water+Ground, so no thunder effect on it :)
Good Luck