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i just want a shiny Pokemon by pokeradar but other chains break at around 10

What game are you playing?
The PokéRadar is only in DPPt and XY, so one of those two I'm assuming.
astronautical, its also in oras
That's DexNav, not PokéRadar.

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Chaining can be a pain sometimes but I think the only luck you will have is with gift or legendary Pokemon in the game that you can soft reset to get a random encounter shiny. That would be the only way as I dont think there are any patches of grass or anything that have just 1 Pokemon to be found. A shiny charm will help with that as well but in order to get that, you have to register every Pokemon in the national Dex... Sometimes you just gotta catch em all

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No, but use a super repel when using it to avoid chain breaks.

i have 387 max repels