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competitive or in-game?
Generally no either way, but still, give us some context.
For LC? Or did you mean Floatzel for competitive play?
Or just Buizel in general.... then, I guess not until it evolves

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Well, generally speaking, no. The only tier where Buizel is truly viable is LC, and even then it's far from the best in its tier.

But if we're talking in-game...

You guessed it, still no. There's plenty of other Water-types out there who fill better niches on a balanced team than Buizel.

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if your talking stat wise, its not. its best stat is a 85 speed. but it evolves at 26 and floatzel is good stat wise it's highest stat is also speed with 115 and its second attack with 105. if your talking about in-game its good for the pesky empoleon and infernape choosers. and in competitive, no. hope I helped :D