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My current team consists of Haxorus, Metagross, Salamence, and Garchomp. I have 2 free slots up for debate(possibly going to shove a Hydreigon/Tyranitar in there or something), but one thing that really sucks is how hard I get checked by bulky water types. Namely, Gyarados, Milotic, Lapras, and +Defense Starmie can set up for free on me and take a big fat dump on my team with Ice Beams and 2 or 3 hydro pumps.

I don't necessarily need the water check to be a 'dragon type', per say- I was thinking an Eelektross could work well here while still keeping the dragon aesthetic. Or, maybe a +sp.atk Milotic of my own with thunder. There's a lot of options here, and I just wanted to get a second opinion on what a good choice here would be.

If this is for competitive, then you should ask this question in RMT, not Pokebase. If this is not for competitive, then you should just grind until you're 10 levels above all the bulky waters.
One of the tags is black-white-2, so I think it is in-game.
Right. I should have specified that this would be used in PWT battles, more or less for fun. Trainer battles are never a challenge, and PWT has level caps. And yes, I know that having a team specializing in one type is not necessarily a good idea either, but i'm going out of my way to enjoy myself here

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For your team, both Eelektross and are good options. I’d recommend them both for your team.

However, if you want to stick with a dragon theme, I recommend Kingdra. While it can’t hit water types super-effectively, it resists water 4x, and is neutral to ice.

This is also considering you’re not using legendaries. Here is a basic Moveset for Kingra (for in-game):

  • Surf - HM
  • Ice Beam - TM (Giant Chasm)
  • Dragon Pulse - Level 57
  • Flash Cannon / Signal Beam - TM (Twist Mountain - Post-game) / Move Tutor

Overall, I’d go with Eelektross or Milotic, but Kingdra is good if you want to stick with the dragon typing.

I hope I helped!

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perfect! Kingdra totally slipped my mind. Also, it turns out that Eelektross is the only serpentine electric type I can actually use in gen 5 anyway, so those two look like my only options. Thanks for your answer!
No problem!  I’m glad I could help!