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In the 'Moves learnt by leveling up' chart there is a collum marked 'Cat.' with some symbols I don't really know what they mean. Is there a key of symbols with them in it? and or a place I can go to know what all the different abbreviations mean?

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BTW you can hover your mouse over the icon to see the category.

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"Cat" is short for category, and the symbols you see are the type of move they are. There's physical, special and status moves. The orange and yellow one is physical, the blue one is special, and the grey one is status.

Physical moves deal damage based on your attack stat, and special moves deal damage based on your special attack stat. Status moves don't deal damage but often inflict statuses on the opponent or raise/lower stats.

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Also worth noting is that the majority of Physical moves are tagged as "making contact" with the target, which is important for interactions with certain Abilities.  Special moves only very rarely have this tag.
Definitely thank you. I just got back into Pokemon and there are so many new things I've missed on, I didn't even know there where sites dedicated to this back when I first started playing the games.