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  • Lugia is part psychic type
  • Exeggcute is both grass and psychic type
  • Azurill is part normal type
  • Jirachi is part steel type
  • Celebi NOT being part grass type
  • Inkay NOT being part water type
  • Gyrados being part flying type
  • Helioptile being part normal type

I don't get it...

Gamefrek logic
Gyrados looks flying in it's mega evolution and all dragon types should be flying
Do Dialga and Palkia look like they should be flying?
Actually, Celebi is a part-grass type.
This comment doesn't contain new information.

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Lugia: Lugia is seen communicating with Ash telepathically in the second Pokemon movie. This could serve as evidence for other psychic powers. Also, Lugia is the master of the seas, which are affected by tides which are controlled by forces from the moon. This is also kind of telepathic. Overall, however, I feel like a Water/Flying typing makes much more sense, but there is some explanation for Psychic/Flying.
Exeggcute: Exeggcute heads originate from Exeggutor, which is some kind of plant, constituting to the Grass typing. As for Psychic, its heads communicate telepathically with each other, as seen in its Pokedex entry for Silver:

If a head drops off, it emits a telepathic call in search of others to form an EXEGGCUTE cluster.

Azurill: Its Pokedex entries say nothing about it having any special powers having to do with Water. As such, it is normal and thus has a Normal typing. However, it would also make sense to have a Water typing, seeing as its name is literally a combination of "Azure", which is a "blue color", and "Rill", which is a "small brook or river", and it is also described as living next to water, as seen in its Pokedex entry for Diamond:

A Pokémon that lives by water. It moves quickly on land by bouncing on its big tail.

Jirachi: Jirachi is associated with making wishes come true, as seen in its Pokedex entry for FireRed and LeafGreen:

It is said to make any wish come true. It is awake for only seven days out of a thousand years.

People often make wishes on shooting stars. Shooting stars, which are actually meteoroids hurtling through our atmosphere, often contain metal or metal alloys. Another explanation can be found in its Emerald Pokedex entry, which states it forms a tough outer shell, probably metallic, to protect itself while it sleeps:

JIRACHI is said to make wishes come true. While it sleeps, a tough crystalline shell envelops the body to protect it from enemies.

Celebi: Celebi is a Grass type. I don't blame you though... GameFreak making sense would be enough to confuse anyone.
Inkay: Here is Inkay's Pokedex entry for X:

Opponents who stare at the flashing of the light-emitting spots on its body become dazed and lose their will to fight.

Not only would flashing these brain-altering lights take psychic powers (hence the Psychic typing), it also inflicts harm with these lights (hence the Dark typing). However, it would make sense for Inkay to have a Water typing, seeing as it has the whole squid thing going on. I guess GameFreak decided Psychic/Dark was a better fit.
Gyarados: Apparently, there is a Chinese legend where a wimpy fish jumps up a waterfall and is granted the ability to fly. In context of Pokemon, Magikarp (the wimpy fish) must gain twenty levels as a wimpy fish, and is awarded with a strong, early evolution in Gyarados (the ability to fly). Here is the link to the whole tale, if you are curious. This also makes sense because Magikarp is described as being able to use Splash to jump over a mountain, which is similar to jumping a waterfall, in its Platinum Pokedex entry:

A MAGIKARP living for many years can leap a mountain using Splash. The move remains useless, though.

There are other theories having to do with problems that would have arised if Gyrados had actually been typed as Water/Dragon. Some say that getting a Dragon type Pokemon so early in the game would be OP, while others say that Gyarados would have had no weaknesses in Gen 1 (the only thing that hit Water/Dragon super-effectively at the time was Dragon, and the only Dragon type attack was Dragon Rage, which does a fixed amount of damage), and this would have been too OP. And there are also people that say that there were programming errors between Pokemon Red and Blue which made it impossible to type Gyrados as a Water/Dagon.

Helioptile: Helioptile is based on a reptile that lives in the sun, as shown in its X Pokedex entry:

They make their home in deserts. They can generate their energy from basking in the sun, so eating food is not a requirement.

While there is something that makes Helioptile a little extraordinary which constitutes to its Electric typing (it has frills which absorb solar energy and turn it into electricity, according to the Y entry) it is still based off of a reptile which basks in the sun and retains much of those characteristics. As such, it has a normalcy about it and therefore has a Normal typing.

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Lugia-It is the diving Pokémon, and only stays at the bottom of the sea because its powers are to strong. It also controls tides as the guardian of the seas. It uses psychic powers to do so

Leaf Green and Gold Pokedex: It is said that it quietly spends its time deep at the bottom of the sea because its powers are too strong

Exeggcute-It is stated to be either seeds or eggs. It also is shown to use telepathy

>BW, B2W2, DPt, and X Pokedex: Its six eggs converse using telepathy. They can quickly gather if they become separated

Azurill- It lives near water, not in water like its Evolutions. And it is stated to be fast on land

X and Diamond's Pokedex: A Pokémon that lives by water. It moves quickly on land by bouncing on its big tail

Jirachi- It is stated to make a tough crystalline shell which is a see through shell. My guess is that the crystalline shell is made of some sort of metal

Emerald Pokedex: JIRACHI is said to make wishes come true. While it sleeps, a tough crystalline shell envelops the body to protect it from enemies.

Celebi- It is a grass type...

Inkay- It is stated throughout the anime to cause mischief. It also emits light using Psychic Powers.

Y's Pokedex: It flashes the light-emitting spots on its body, which drains its opponent’s will to fight. It takes the opportunity to scuttle away and hide

Gyarados- It is based off a Chinese folk tale where fish swim up a lake to become a dragon. Only flying fish could do that though

Helioptile: It is a sun-bathing lizard. They are quite normal. The reason for electric typing is for a gimmick

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Yes, I would have to agree that some of these typings are quite weird, and I'll try to solve them
1. Lugia - Psychic/Flying
Yes it may seem quite odd that its a psychic type rather than water since we see in the Anime that it swims and is found in the water. I have 2 theories why it's Psychic -> its because its a legendary or Gamefreak Logic.
2. Exeggcute/Exeggcuter - Grass/Psychic
Another hard one. I have but one theory about this -> It really is based on the Tree of Immortality as explained in Culture Shock.
3. Azurill - Normal/Fairy
Before this used to be a Normal only but when Fairy typing was added it became Normal/Fairy. The fact that it's only a baby Pokemon may indicate that Azurill didn't develop its water skills which explains why its normal rather than Water.
4. Jirachi - Psychic/Steel

Stars have many elements in them. It could very easily have iron in them.

Jirachi isn't a star but a wishing star. That's more akin to a comet or the like, which is mostly metal, ice, generic rocks, etc.

5.Celebi - Grass/Psychic
But Celebi is a Grass Type. My theory is that -> you must've misread the typing.
6. Inkay/Malamar - Dark/Psychic
Just because it isn't a water type doesn't mean it can't swim, in fact, in the anime, it levitates. Its just like Drapion, although its not a bug type, I'm pretty sure its still considered an Arachnid.
7. Gyardos - Water/Flying

Well the reason why Gyarados is a water/flying is because originally they planned to make Gyarados a water/dragon but the problem was that he would only have 1 weakness (dragon) and at the time of the 1st generation there was only 1 dragon move(Dragon Rage). because they wanted to balance Gyarados they changed it into water/flying -Eric

8.Helioptile/Heliolisksk - Normal/Electric
It's a pretty normal Pokemon :)
But seriously, it's an Electric type that kinda seems like a normal everyday sort of Chameleon I guess but otherwise -> Gamefreak Logic

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Because Gamefreak Logic.

This answer wont help at all
Whatever you say, but seriously, Gamefreak never makes sense. That's often the answer to most of these types of questions.
But there is actual logic to them, in lore, in designs or in concept. Not just 'oh Game freak does whatever they want'. You shouldn't answer unless you have actual information to give.