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I need a fighting type Pokemon to defeat Norman (fifth gym), but the only ones I found were Gallade and Machamp. Ralts is very rare to have a Gallade, and I cannot have a Machamp because I play on my phone. What is the Pokemon I choose and where do I capture it?

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First, Gallade doesn't exist in Emerald. Second, questions about emulators are discouraged unless you're sure that it will work the same way as the actual games. As for actually answering the question, I would suggest Hariyama. It has reasonably high stats and can learn vital throw at a reasonably low level. Additionally, if you get one that has thick fat, it will help a lot with ice Pokemon later in the game.
I think this is allowed considering the question is not involving an emulator-exclusive problem. And I believe Hariyama is the only pre-Norman Fighting-type Pokemon available (excluding Machop of course). I'm probably wrong and I'm waiting for someone to prove me horribly wrong.
You forgot Breloom and Combusken. Also, all fighting Pokemon are available if you can trade or cheat or exploit glitches.
I'm not familiar with Pokemon Esmerald.
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once I had a breelom but it was very weak against flying types. some a recomend you to use a hariyama . I used it in omega ruby.

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