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I was battling a gengar and used brick break and it hit. Is that because its part poison or is it a glitch?

here is what happend
machamp vrs gengar machamp used brick brake and hit gengar
why did this happen no miricle eye just a mistake I used against a ghost type the reason is it because its a poison type

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What are you asking?
Why did it hit a ghost type
DrakoRage in future please explain things properly and write in sentences. Don't just type every word that comes into your head and hope it makes sense.

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If Machamp used Brick Break then it will hit Gengar, because Machamp's ability No Guard means all moves will hit the opposition regardless of type immunities or move accuracy.

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If you used the move Odor Sleuth, Miracle Eye, or Foresight, then your Fighting type attacks can hit Ghost types. Pokemon with the ability Scrappy can also hit Ghost types with Fighting type attacks.

I did not do that though
What Pokemon used Brick Break on Gengar?
In that case it was due to Machamp's ability No Guard, although last I checked it couldn't hit immune Pokemon.