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So now that the NX aka the Switch has been officially unveiled, we have a lot more information to work with.... but something struck me. I have seen it stated in the titles of a number of reaction YouTube vids that the Switch will not be backward compatible with either the DS line OR the Wii line.

Here's the relevant part: How will that work with Sun and Moon?

If the Switch is not backward compatible, will there be Switch versions of Sun/Moon when the Switch is released next year? I find it hard to believe that Nintendo would release a new game in one of their primary series on a device that is going to go obsolete in less than a year...


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Well, that's what they're doing!

The game's covers clearly advertise that it is a brand of the Nintendo 3DS console:

The Pokemon games have had odd release dates like this before: the 3DS was released in February 2011, but Black 2 and White 2 were released in June 2012 - a year and a half after the release of the new console! I'd say not to be surprised if this entire generation is on the 3DS either, since consoles are always similar between all main series games of the same generation. It's unlikely that they will be re-released on the Nintendo Switch, since Pokemon have never done this before.

Hope I helped. :)