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I want to use one of these on my team. Here is my team so far.
Sandygast (soon to be)
Which one should I choose?
Welp, I already caught a Fomantis...
Is Lurantis still good though?

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Both of them are pretty slow but Lurantis has higher physical attack and Alolan Exeggutor higher special attack and special defense,so I would say if you want a special attacker go with Exeggutor but if you want a physical attacker go with Lurantis,if` I was you I would choose Exeggutor since you have more Pokemon that have better physical attack rather than special attack.Hope I helped!

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Personally I would choose Exeggutor because of its looks and moveset mostly because of looks. ( You got to admit thats hilarious!)

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I'd say Alolan Exeggutor, since it has better coverage plus the added Dragon type.

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