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My team needs a grass type and I've narrowed it down to one of those two. I know Tsareena has better stats besides special attack, but Lurantis has a usable special attack and could theoretically go mixed or special. Any help would be appreciated.

whats the rest of your team?
Alola Marowak, special Kommo-o, Wishiwashi, Ribombee, and Alola Golem

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Hands down. I admit for one that I'm speed biased, but get this: Lurantis' special movepool is pitifully small

And that one sentence is enough to settle this. Seriously, a mixed sweeper with access to no other special moves except Solar Beam, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam and Energy Ball. Not all worth it at all. Tsareena outclasses Lurantis with a broader movepool.

However: If you do get access to egg moves, i.e. Leaf Storm, with the ability Contrary (which is a hidden ability, to complicate things), you might want to consider it a Mixed Sweeper. This is not feasible in game and to be honest, it's outclassed by the likes of Contrary Serperior, so again, Tsareena as a dedicated Physical sweeper wins over Lurantis.

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Also Lurantis is slow as molasses, even compared to Alola Pokémon :(