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If you have a good moveset for Tsareena, post an answer below and upvote the best ones. Remember, this is for competitive movesets, not in-game. Ability, EVs etc should be included, and we encourage sets for VGC doubles as well as singles. Make sure to read all the guidelines here.

Tsareena Pokedex & learnset for reference.

Tsareena sprite

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RIP Lurantis :(

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Revenge Killer

Tsareena (F) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Queenly Majesty
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature (+Spe, -SpA)
- Trop Kick
- High Jump Kick
- Play Rough
- U-turn

With her signature ability, Queenly Majesty, Tsareena is immune to priority moves such as Ice Shard and Extremespeed, allowing her to effectively function as a revenge killer with a Choice Scarf to mitigate her Speed. Trop Kick is her STAB signature move, lowering the enemy's attack by one stage per hit. High Jump Kick and Play Rough offers coverage for Steel and Dragon types that both resist Grass, and U-Turn is in the last slot as a scouting move to help gain momentum.

Support Tsareena

Tsareena (F) @ Leftovers
Ability: Queenly Majesty
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Careful Nature (+SpD, -SpA)
- Trop Kick
- Synthesis
- Aromatherapy
- Rapid Spin / U-Turn / Toxic

Tsareena can also make use of her stellar defensive stats to run a support set, with options such as Aromatherapy and Rapid Spin so that she can support her team. Synthesis gives her much needed longevity as it is reliable recovery, giving her many opportunities to spin or heal status over the course of the match. Trop Kick's utility in lowering enemy's attack helps her take physical hits much better, so more investment is put into special defence to allow her to comfortably take special attacks from the likes of Tapu Fini (it needs a lot of boosts to significantly damage her, while Trop Kick 3HKOs even without investment). U-Turn and Toxic are also solid options in the last slot, either for momentum or to put enemies on a timer.

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Just pointing out. Pokemaster said in the Guide Lines to post one Moveset per anwser so that it could be voted separately. Good sets.
I really like this moveset, Tsareena is probably the best attack based grass type out there.
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I am by no means an experienced competitive player, but here's a set.
Weird introduction anyways

Tsareena <----- LEGS :OO

[email protected] Orb
252 Atk / 252 Spd /4 SpD
Jolly Nature
Ability: Queenly Majesty
-Trop Kick
-High Jump Kick
-Play Rough

About the set -- with a mediocre Speed stat, sitting at 72, it'll have a fantastic time being outsped by a ton of stuff. No Scarf, though, because Synthesis, High Jump Kick and Life Orb works really well. It has surprisingly okay defenses, at 98 both. Because of its mediocre speed stat, it had to be fully invested. Alternatively, you could probably run Scarf and an Adamant Nature, and replace Synthesis with U-turn, as you'd probably not pit it against other Scarfed Pokemon. Queenly Majesty is its best ability, the way I see it, even though it'll get outsped anyways, switching into a predicted priority move could be a good way to get her in untouched.

Then, the moves. It's meant to be an all-out attack set, with moves designed to decimate the enemy team. Trop Kick is her only good physical STAB move, plus the added bonus of lowering the opponent's attack. Synthesis is general recovery when you find the chance, to give her longevity and just in case of High Jump Kick missing and Life Orb recoil. High Jump Kick is just super powerful and random coverage, and Play Rough is the same.

An alternative set is a Choice Scarf set, same everything except Scarf item and U-turn instead of Synthesis. I've never really enjoyed using Choice sets as well, but it could help get her Speed up, which is her biggest downside by far.

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Get rid of Synthesis and replace it with U-turn, as when Tsareena heals itself, the opponent can set up freely or unleash a powerful move. And with that bulk, Tsareena probably won't stand a chance
Have you looked at Tsareena's stats? It's pretty bulky actually. I wouldn't recommend using U-Turn with a Life Orb, as it's usually a waste of health every time you use it, as your opponent is going to switch to something that U-Turn won't do a lot of damage to.
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Tsareena (F) @ Normalium-Z
Habilit: Queenly Majesty
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Hp
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SpA)
-Trop Kick
-High Jump Kick / Play Rough

Z-Splash razes the attack by 3 stages (250%)
Trop kick is the best STAB in the move pull
High jump kick have a huge damage, but if you miss you lose 50% of yor Hp
Play rough have a grate damage and 90 acc
Synthesis to keep you in the game for a long time

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Lol z spash (filler)
I had no idea Z-Splash raised your attack that much,  I just wondering the other day what was the point of it.
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Physical Attacker

Tsareena @Expert Belt
Ability: Queenly Majesty
Nature: Adamant \ Jolly
EVs: 252 Atk \ 252 Speed or HP \ 4 HP or Speed
-Trop Kick
-High Jump Kick
-Play Rough
-Aromatherapy \ Rapid Spin \ Synthesis

Physical Attacker set, with a bonus support\healing move. I suggest Synthesis out of the three to keep Tsareena alive so she can keep sweeping.

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Tsareena @Leftovers
Ability: Queenly Majesty
Nature: Adamant \ Jolly
EVs: 252 HP \ 252 Atk or Speed \ 4 Atk or Speed
-Rapid Spin
-Trop Kick

A support Tsareena. The set is designed to take hits, prevent priority moves, cure status, and eliminate threats like Stealth Rock\Spikes. It also has an additional STAB attack move if you ever need it.

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You want a good move set here's one of mine
Tsareena(F) that berry that boost speed I forgot the name of it
Adamant nature (+Atk,-SpA)
Ability: queen majesty
EVs252atk/85defense/85special def/86speed
-trop kick
High jump kick
You want reasons! We all know what queenly majesty does; it immunes her from priority moves like ice shard and stuff like that. The EVs well we need it to take hits and give hits. The moveset trop kick lowers the opponents atk for every time it hits. High jump kick for punks that think they got type advantages like ice. Synthesis is for recovering health when things look bad and acrobatics is pretty weak if you have an item. Thats where the berry comes in and boost your speed and you might get a chance to use synthesis to recover some health and you got a more powerful move and that attack she has it 1-2 hit KOs by then probably. P.s who knows the name of the berry I was talking

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Salac Berry boosts Speed in a Pinch.
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Dual Screen Supporter

Tsareena @ Light Clay
Ability: Queenly Majesty
Evs: 252 Hp / 252 SpD / 4 Atk
Careful Nature (+SpD, -SpA)

  • U-Turn
  • Reflect
  • Trop Kick
  • Light Screen

Explanation: With Tsareena's Nice bulk, She can Be a Supporter. Light Clay is a Great item because it boosts the Duration of Light Screen and Reflect for 8 turns instead of the usual 5. U-Turn is used for Scouting. Reflect raises Defense for 8 turns with the Light Clay. Trop Kick is STAB and it lowers the Foe's Attack Stat by One Stage making Tsareena even Bulkier. Light Screen raises Special Defense for 8 turns with the Light Clay.

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Well, I'm not sure about this set if it is good as I've not tried it out (I do have this set in Moon, I just haven't remove the EVS on DEF on place them on DEF and Sp. DEF equally)

Tsareena (Female) @Normalium Z

Type: Grass
EVS: 510 (252 Adamant/ 129 Defense/ 129 Sp. DEF)
Nature: Adamant (+ATK/ -Sp. ATK)
Ability: Sweet Veil (Prevent itself and ally Pokémon from falling asleep)
Splash (Normal - Uses for Z-Move to increase attack up to 3 stages, and if a Pokémon with the Simple ability had skill swapped its ability with Tsareena’s ability, then it is double up to max stages)
Play Rough (Fairy - Deals with Dragon, Fighting, and Dark types)
Trop Kick (Grass - STAB and deals with Water, Ground, and Rock types)
High Jump Kick (Fighting - Covers Ice weakness and Deals with Rock, Steel and Dark types)
I will explain the moveset, and why I choose Sweet Veil over its other ability. The reason why I have Sweet Veil is because 1, it's its Hidden Ability but it doesn't mater what ability it is in reality, and 2, the Simple ability. Sadly, no Pokemon that can have the Simple Ability can skill swap it, but a Pokemon can skill swap it, skill swap it again to Tsareena, use Z-Splash. Now, normally, if it had any ability, it would increase Tsareena's attack up 3 stage, but with Simple (P.S.: I haven't tested if this Simple Z-Splash does work), it can boost her attack up to MAX.
Play Rough is better than Dazzling Gleam in my opinion because Dazzling Gleam is a special move, and Tsareena's Sp. Atk stat is horrible. Play Rough does have a 10% chance of missing but that 10% by having a 10% chance of lowering the target's attack.
Trop Kick is for STAB and also have a chance of lowering the target's attack. This also deals with those bulky Water, Rock, or Ground types.
High Jump Kick is for coverage of Ice types, as well as Dealing with Steel, Dark, Normal, and Rock types.
I'm going to take a guess that this set-up is horrible and that I should never do this again.

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