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Should I get a Lurantis? Just wondering because I have a lvl 13 Fomantis and I am wondering if I should evolve it, if yes what could it's moveset be when I evolve it?


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It all depends for what you wish to use it for. In competitive, not really. It is very underwhelming for the most part. It will serve just fine if you are simply going through the game though. I'd personally recommend trading for the Bounsweet nearby the Water Trial (I believe it was the Pokemon Center before it, but don't quote me), and evolving that into a Tsareena, who has better overall stats and has more coverage, specially if you breed egg moves onto it. The traded one is also Adamant, which helps Tsareena.

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I used an Adamant Lurantis in my Sun playthrough, and while Lurantis is one of my Top 10 Pokémon, it is pretty terrible. Bad movepool and it's exceptionally slow, even for an Alola Pokémon. It did come through with clutch Solar Blades a few times, but that was more because of Pokémon Refresh. I love Lurantis to death, but Tsareena is much better.
same experience here, love lurantis' design but its stats are very mediocre and was a pain to evolve as a formantis. It wasn't regrettable, but I wouldn't recommend it. Tsareena does sound like a much better choice, having a nice attack stat and not being impossibly slow.