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My team is

Alolan Raichu

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If is in-game you can keep both easilly, don't even have to choose one. Exp all in gen 6 and 7 allow all your pokemons to be overpowered in terms of level even if you have 15 or more with no need to stop for grind.

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I’d suggest A. Ninetales because you seem to be lacking in special attackers.

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Out of Alolan ninetales and Kantonian ninetales I would say kantonian ninetales would be better than alolan , so if you want to imwould try trading with someone to get a kantonian vulpix with drought.

Moves: solar beam , flamethrower , will-o-wisp , overheat

That was my kantonian ninetales set , I tried using alolan but I didnt like it as much so , this is another option.

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