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I am thinking about using Toucannon competitively, it's signature move seems rather good and so does its attack stat, would it be a good Pokemon to use in competitive battles?


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According to this Smogon user's summary:

There is virtually no reason to use Toucannon in any tier from OU to RU since there are much better options. Toucannon's many boons really hurt this mons capabilities that I can see it functioning well in PU while being a niche pick in NU. Despite the odds, Toucannon sports an amazing Attack stat and coverage options which makes it hard for other mons to switch into it in the lower tiers. Overall, Toucannon was pretty underwhelming but, I believe it can be a decent mon in whichever tier (NU, PU, or ZU/FU) it calls home.

This is a nice analysis of Toucannon in terms of what tiers it could battle in, but many other opinions are being spoken on this Smogon thread that you really should read.

Hope I helped. :)
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